From the AANP President| Volume 19, ISSUE 2, 104564, February 2023

Thank You, Nurse Practitioner (NP) Students!

      I recall being an NP student, eagerly anticipating the next step in my nursing career while studying, researching topics, writing papers, preparing for exams, prepping for clinical rotations and hurrying to classes. It was an exciting yet challenging time.
      Over the past two years, I have visited some of the finest universities in the U.S The educational system is strong. Students are thriving and intelligent. Faculty are talented and dedicated. Learning occurs one-on-one with preceptors and in virtual and in-person classrooms, simulation labs, virtual reality programs and immersion practicums in clinics and hospitals.
      I speak to students about preparing for the next step in their career, how the Future of Nursing 2020-2030 report applies to them or Full Practice Authority. I also speak about the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) and its wealth of resources for students, including information about licensure, certification, credentialing, privileging, grants, scholarships and loan forgiveness programs. Students can use the AANP Mobile App for ready access to AANP’s journals, podcasts, continuing education modules, point of care tools, advocacy center and news feed. The AANP JobCenter offers job postings and guidance on preparing resumes and applying for jobs.
      In addition to valuable content specifically for students, AANP Student Members are welcome to all the practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership benefits other AANP members enjoy. Busy, dedicated and capable students need time to focus on themselves and their own health and well-being — now more than ever! The AANP NPower program can help students prioritize their well-being. I am so grateful for NP students — our next generation in health care.