Advocacy Advances in Access to Equitable Health Care

      Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are excellent advocates for health equity, assuring access to health care services for all. NPs know the tremendous impact social determinants of health have on a person’s ability to access and engage in their health care. Last year, the Future of Nursing Report 2020-2030 emphasized the important role NPs play in advocating for and assuring health equity. NPs understand the importance of social context and are educated and clinically trained to provide comprehensive, person-centered care across all settings. The excellent outcomes associated with NP-delivered care offer a no-cost, no-delay solution to the health care access and equity challenges our country faces.
      Earlier this year, New York and Kansas enacted Full Practice Authority (FPA) laws, enabling NPs to practice at the top of their education, training and certification. Now, NPs in 26 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands have FPA. With more than 83 million people in the U.S. living in primary care health professional shortage areas, policymakers are seeking effective ways to increase access to equitable, high-quality care. NPs are key to addressing this challenge
      Each NP can be a part of these exciting steps forward to improve health care! Hear from AANP Government Affairs staff at the 2022 AANP National Conference in Orlando, Florida, to learn more about advancements in advocacy. During the conference, we will induct the 2022 class of AANP Fellows, meet newly elected AANP leaders, chat with members of AANP Communities and enjoy keynote speeches by Eric Wahl and Martin Luther King III. Whether you attend in-person June 21-26, or online through July 27, you can choose from a variety of sessions for NPs of all specialties and experience levels. Attend sessions related to your patient population or mix it up and learn the latest in evidence-based practice across the spectrum! Attending this conference will help equip you to continue advancing NP practice and empower you to advocate for more equitable access to quality care.